Dodge Challenger GT AWD

 Dodge Challenger GT AWD

If you want to be the “Man on the Road’ you’re better off driving the Challenger GT AWD. It’s huge and bulky and can really dominate the road as you set your foot on the brakes. Challenger GT All Wheel Drive is another creation of Dodge.

The Dodge Challenger R/T is now Dodge Challenger GT AWD. People who saw this grey coloured body with a Header Orange highlight and a matte black covering in some parts of the hood and roof were amazed. They were thinking that Dodge Challenger GT is not production ready. However, Patrick Rall disclosed that the all wheel drive system has been already production ready. He said this after looking under the body, noting that the AWD or All Wheel Drive system looked neat and clean.

The Mopar team gathered some parts from the bin where the company’s parts are kept. They placed the parts and fit all the parts into the Challenger in an extremely clean manner. It was not easy to get pictures under the lowered Challenger, nevertheless, it was observed that everything was arranged and placed  nicely into the transmission tunnel.

Aside from the all wheel drive, Mopar has added their Scat Pack Stage 3 setup to boost the power levels by 75 HP and 44 pound -ft torque, place the braking setup from the Charger Pursuit, sport suspension, wider wheels and a big body kit that enables the big tires to stay in the sheet metal. There is also a suspension drop kit that can help lower the center of gravity, which is accompanied by the shock tower races found at the front and rear.

The latest production parts are used to convert Challenger into an all wheel drive muscle car. It will be carried by a powerful wheel; 20 by 11 inches at the back 20 x 10 inches at the front. Its quad exhaust tips are powder-coated in black which will blend with the fuel filler door.   

The Challenger is a big vehicle which can be an appropriate vehicle for cruising or drag-racing at the strip instead of using it on a race track. 

Challenger GT is the only car in its category to weigh more than two tons and the car which is only less than 400 horsepower. The SRT engine fits in the Scat Pack. The Scat Pack is defined by the ornery cough at the startup to the exhaust under the wide open throttle. Considering that the Challenger has more than 50 horsepower than the Mustang and more than 55 pounds-feet torque than the Camaro, the Challenger can make a better quarter-mile run compared to the Mustang and Camaro. Both Mustang and Camaro weighs lighter than the Challenger. The Scat Pack has also upgraded the brakes, including the Challenger’s new Super Track Pack. 

When subjected to a test in the wet blind crests during an outpour, the Super Track Pak’s upgraded suspension has handled the Challenger’s 4226 pounds. The stability control gets a full-off mode, even if the brake overrides will cut the throttle if you try to roll a burnout for a long time.

Contrary to what should be expected, the Scat still doesn’t stick like the Mustang and Camaro. Its 0.91 g on the skidpad is behind the Camaro’s performance. It finished last in the slalom. Dodge’s engineers have undertaken a remarkable job in refining the Challenger’s bulk. However, they should have done better if they have reduced the Challenger’s bulk size. The Challenger is the longest, widest, tallest and the heaviest car they have made. Looking into the size of the Dodge, some people would find it appropriate to call the Challenger a Clydesdale.      

The Dodge is huge, inside and out. As you get inside the Dodge, you will be ushered into a spacious interior. It has enough space for everybody. It is larger than a three-wheeled tuk-tuk head-on. Its front seat with a habitable back seat is spacious. It could even accommodate 16 cubic feet of fertilizer. With the Dodge, you can bring along the whole family; you can also carry along everything that you need as you travel.                                                                                             

The Dodge Challenger GT AWD will surely take you anywhere with the whole family.


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