Jeep Wrangler near Chatham-Kent

Jeep Wrangler near Chatham-Kent

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Your Jeep has class-leading 4x4 capabilities, and that's not surprising, but did you know that it also features a weather-proof push-button start? Along with this perk, you can expect a standard protection from rough mountain trails in the form of fuel tank, transmission, and transfer case skid plates, as well as a Torx® Tool Kit to keep you prepared for absolutely everything.

When you're wanting to go a long way, your Wrangler's standard 650 amp maintenance free battery and its tow hooks can also come in handy and get you out of a tough jam. It's all about planning ahead, and you're ready to hit the road right after you visit Windsor Chrysler for that one essential - your Jeep Wrangler near Chatham-Kent. Now that you're set, there's no reason to delay, pick a spot on the map and get going!


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Windsor Chrysler - Travelling with a Few Suitcases

Travelling with a Few Suitcases

If you're taking a trip, but need a lot of gear or just like to pack thoroughly, your Jeep is ready with cargo tie-down loop, a 12-volt auxiliary power outlet to charge any device you're taking with you, and an engine block heater, in case you stop somewhere cold for the night. Bon voyage!

Windsor Chrysler - All About Delivering Amazing Performance near Chatham-Kent

All About Delivering Amazing Performance near Chatham-Kent

With an outstanding 3.45 overall top gear ratio and the Command TracTM part time shift-on-the-fly 4x4 system, your Jeep can surmount any tough trail that gets in its way. Ready to get you to the edge of the world and back, this tenacious SUV will prove itself your best buddy on weekend trips and offroading adventures.

Windsor Chrysler - Your Weather is No Match

Your Weather is No Match

Regardless of the season you see outside your window, or the ugliness of the upcoming forecast, your Jeep Wrangler will take on that hazy weather with its fog lamps, blasting sunshine with solar control glass, and everything in between with exceptional traction control. Get ready to go, because the weather doesn't matter anymore.

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You may have convinced yourself that you can live with a sedan or even a compact hatchback, but you know that the best vehicle for you is that amazing Jeep Wrangler that will fulfill your weekend getaway fantasies. When no other vehicle will do, discover your Jeep Wrangler near Chatham-Kent at Windsor Chrysler.

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